Snowmobile services

Snowmobile Pre-Season Maintenance $85.00

1. Inspect air box / air filter assembly

2. Inspect recoil starter rope

3. For Electric Start models

  • Test starter operation
  • Load test battery
  • Clean battery terminal connections if needed

4. Check belt condition

5. Check belt deflection

6. Check fuel and oil line routing and condition

7. Carburetor inspection

  • Inspect carb slides
  • Adjust throttle lever free play
  • Check idle RPM
  • Inspect oil pump lever adjustment

8. Electronic Fuel Injection inspection

  • Inspect throttle cable
  • Adjust throttle lever free play
  • Inspect oil pump lever adjustment

9. If Liquid cooled engine

  • Check coolant level
  • Inspect coolant hoses
  • Inspect heat exchangers

10. If Fan cooled engine

  • Inspect cooling fan/shrouds
  • Inspect cooling fan belt

11. If equipped with hydraulic brakes

  • Check brake fluid level
  • Inspect brake pads and discs

12. If equipped with mechanical brakes

  • Inspect/Adjust brake cable
  • Inspect brake pads and discs

13. Grease all steering pivot points

14. Grease all suspension fittings

15. Check chain case fluid

16. Inspect track condition

17. Inspect idler wheels and bearings

18. Check Hy-fax condition

19. Inspect skis and wear-bars

20. Test reverse operation (if applicable)

21. Check shut-off switches and throttle safety switches

22. Check all dash instrumentation

23. Test headlight operation

24. Check brake light and taillight operation

25. Adjust track tension and alignment

Other Maintenance Offered

Carb cleaning

$100.00 for first plus parts

$50.00 each additional plus parts

Change wear bars
$25.00 plus parts
Hyfax change (includes standard black hy-fax)
Change chain case oil
Power valve cleaning
$100.00 plus parts

Call or stop in for pricing on additional services offered